Open-source Puppet Support

Open-source Puppet support and scaling


At Open Infrastructure, we offer support to organizations that utilize open source Puppet to manage their IT infrastructure. Our team of experts has over three decades of combined experience operating Puppet in production. We provide a wide range of services to help businesses get the most out of infrastructure automation with open source Puppet.

Our open source Puppet support services include:

Puppet Installation and Configuration

We can help your organization with the installation and configuration of Puppet, including setting up Puppet servers and agents, deploying Puppet modules, and automating the configuration of your Puppet infrastructure.

Puppet Module Development

Our team can develop custom Puppet modules to meet the specific needs of businesses and organizations. We are experts in the Puppet DSL, writing custom functions, types, and providers, and developing spec and integration tests.

Puppet Infrastructure Support

We offer support for the entire Puppet infrastructure, including Puppetserver, Puppet agents, load balancers, service discovery, and any other services that reside in the hot path of a Puppet run. Our team can help troubleshoot any issues that arise and make recommendations on changes that will improve the performance of your Puppet infrastructure.

Puppet Infrastructure Scaling

As your organization grows, your Puppet infrastructure may need to scale up to meet your changing needs. Our team can provide guidance and support for scaling up your Puppet infrastructure, including tuning Puppetserver for horizontal or vertical scaling, optimizing compilation and agent run times, and eliminating common problems that lead to Puppet-related failures.

Observability and Alerting

We can assist your organization in surfacing observability data from Puppetserver, such as JRuby performance metrics, error rates, and other indicators of Puppetserver health. By exposing monitoring data and setting up alerting, we can help you to identify and respond to issues before they lead to incidents or outages.

Puppet Maintenance and Upgrades

Our team can provide ongoing maintenance and upgrades to ensure that your Puppet infrastructure is up to date and functioning optimally.

Overall, our open source Puppet support services are designed to help your organization get the most out of this powerful configuration management tool. Whether you’re just getting started with Puppet, or are looking for ongoing support and maintenance, our team of experts can help. Contact us today to learn more about our open source Puppet support services!