Puppet Services

We are world class Puppet experts ready to help your organization with Puppet modernization and migration.
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Open Infrastructure Services formed in 2015 by founding members of Puppet Inc.’s professional services team. We have extensive experience designing, implementing, and maintaining Puppet deployments from the scale of small startups to many hundreds of thousands of nodes.

You’ve likely seen the talks we delivered at Puppetconfs/Puppetcamps, the public/private training courses we’ve presented, online answering questions in channels on the Puppet Community Slack, or even as a co-author of the Pro Puppet book.

Contact us to implement the following advanced services for your organization.

Incremental Rollouts

Incremental rollouts is a safer way to roll out production changes which was proven successful at an infamous social media company.

Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting that scales to hundreds of thousands of nodes.

Open-source Puppet Support

Open-source Puppet support and scaling

Puppet Module Development

Puppet module development and modernization.