Advanced Reporting

Advanced reporting that scales to hundreds of thousands of nodes.


Does your organization manage hundreds of thousands of nodes (or more) with Puppet? Do you find that the performance of reporting tooling like PuppetDB or Puppet Enterprise is unable to keep up with the scale of your managed fleet?

At Open Infrastructure, we have designed and implemented advanced Puppet reporting solutions that track thousands of Puppet resources across millions of daily Puppet runs.

With our advanced reporting solution, your organization can:

  • Visualize the enforcement of a specific Puppet code change by graphing individual Puppet resource changes on a time/series chart.
  • Provide compliance data for auditors by charting the progress of a specific Puppet code change commit SHA across the managed fleet.
  • Identify problematic Puppet code and prioritize fixes by aggregating and stack-ranking fleet-wide resource failures.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent performing root-cause analysis through powerful time-based filtering.

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