Welcome Gary Larizza

Gary Larizza joins Open Infrastructure Services

Open Infrastructure Services is growing! I’m excited to announce Gary Larizza, has joined Open Infrastructure Services as a Principal Consultant. Gary and I first started working together on Puppet back in 2010 in Portland, Oregon. From that first day working together I was struck by Gary’s attitude and desire to dive deep in the guts of Puppet to figure out what’s really going on. Fast forward to 2017, and I’ve found myself visiting Shit Gary Says on a daily basis while working on Puppet types and providers. Gary’s ability to assimilate complex information, distill that information into the essential bits customers value, and communicate that essential information with humor and empathy has been invaluable to me personally. A great example of this depth, humor, and empathy is, Seriously, what is this provider doing?

Gary and I both started out working in education in Ohio, though separately from one another. We were bought together in Portland, OR by two australians from the other side of the world, Nigel Kersten and James Turnbull.

Gary and I share that special bond that only comes from successfully dealing with a classroom full of computers delivered a couple of weeks before school starts with the latest and greatest Mac OS X major release, chock full of changes and new surprises.

Please check out Gary’s post, Some Other Beginning’s End on this new beginning for both of us.

Contact us with your automation and cloud infrastructure goals. We’d both love to help you handle changes faster and more confidently through automated cloud infrastructure.

Gary is also a Puppet certified consultant and a member of the Puppet Services Delivery Partner Program. We’re here to help achieve your goals whether you’re expanding your Puppet investment, upgrading to the latest version and language features, or just getting started.