Lift Off!

3.. 2.. 1.. Lift Off!

I’m pleased to announce Open Infrastructure Services, LLC is open for business! Here’s some information about myself and the services I have available. Please email me with any questions about how I can help.

Open Infrastructure Services is founded by me, Jeff McCune, a veteran systems administrator and software developer with over 15 years of experience. Before starting my consulting business I was at Puppet Labs as a software developer working on Puppet, Facter, Puppet Server, and other internal tools like crossfader. Prior to that, I was a professional services engineer at Puppet Labs, traveling the world working with customers and the open source community on matters of system architecture, availability, security, and continuous delivery workflows.

While traveling for Puppet Labs, I also co-authored Pro Puppet, the best-selling book about how to quickly get started and then scale Puppet toward full automation.

Before Puppet Labs I worked at Netsmart Technologies where I was responsible for our hosted SaaS datacenters. Puppet and DevOps practices played a key part of my success at Netsmart. We were able to implement SAS-70 II compliance in a matter of months using a well defined change management process, and detailed automated reports integrated with Puppet and Splunk.

Prior to Netsmart Technologies, I worked at the Mathematics Department at Ohio State University. There, I learned about automation, cfengine, started using Puppet, and fully automated our Mac OS X workstations and labs. In order to achieve full automation for PowerPC and Intel based systems, I reverse engineered Apple’s boot service discovery protocol and patched ISC DHCP to behave as an automated network boot server for Mac OS X. I presented on Puppet at Apple’s Worldwide Developer Conference.

Please contact me if you have a need for professional, intelligent and creative solutions to the infrastructure problems that are holding you back from delivering your applications.